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Trying to upload pdfs

I am trying to figure out how you upload pdf into a page or post so we can easily add new versions of the price list.  In the long run, I think we should have a price list page (theoretically this could be derived from our inventory system, but that has stalled sadly) but in the short term, knowing how to include a link to an uploaded pdf is good.

As far as I can tell, you first click ‘add media’

THen you click ‘upload file’ if you need to.  When that is done you will be looking at the ‘media library’.  If you did not need to upload a file, you would go directly to the ‘media library’

In the media library, you select the file you want, be sure to give it a title (which will become the text of the link) and towards the bottom right you will see ‘attachment display settings’ with a drop down selection ‘link to’ with the options ‘media file’ or ‘attachment page’ — choose ‘media file’


When you click ‘insert into page’ it will put a link into the page, like the following:

Kinne Brook Farm Beef Price List 12-10-13

The biggest problem with this approach is that every time the price list changes, we will have to edit every place that links to it – which I think is two.  By having a real price list page we can link to that from emails as well as pages.  That way everything will point to the most up to date price list at all times.  But to do that we need to have a web-based well formatted price list.




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